CMF design
          CMF design is based on aesthetics, material engineering, economics and management, closely related to popular trends.
          CMF design
          CMF design is based on aesthetics, material engineering, economics and management, closely related to popular trends.

          CMF is a highly integrated design method and work category integrating creativity and management, which is different from the way of traditional industrial design. CMF design is based on aesthetics, material engineering, economics and management, closely related to popular trends. It takes color, material and finishing process as the breakthrough point to carry out innovative design, and creates innovative products that meet the design needs and user experience by achieving a high degree of unity of art and technology.

          In the practical work, according to the work content and requirements of CMF design, the design process can be divided into three stages, namely, trend research stage, design proposal stage and production transformation stage. Its main task is, first of all, the designer studies the industry trend, and gets an insight into the future market opportunities to develop a trend research report. Then, according to the trend report and the company’s positioning, the product definition is made and the design scheme is proposed. Finally, the factory implements proofing, quality monitoring and schedule control for the plan, and finally produces the products in batches.

          To summarize, CMF can be considered a?subdivision industry of industrial?design. It is a new design method and profession integrating?trend research, design, engineering, and supply chain management. It is based on consumer demand and market development trends, pays attention to practice, science, and the arts, and helps the product develop a distinctive competitiveness that increases the company's business value.
          The value of CMF design
          In the process of product production and development, CMF design can not only solve some practical quality problems, but also help enterprises reduce production costs, and strategically bring a lot of business value for enterprises.

          Control product quality through CMF design

          Control the cost and time of research and development through CMF design

          CMF design helps enterprises develop business strategies

          CMF Material Library

          Our library contains a comprehensive range of samples covering different material categories. It also features spaces displaying the latest innovations in the industry and resources for our designers to keep up with cutting-edge materials and consider how they may be applied to our design process. The library has more than 800 samples, and our team constantly add new materials from the global fair and selected suppliers.

          To support the product development in a rapid phase, we constantly keep up on the trends, the supplier network and global exhibitions that lead to the curated materials library suitable for consumer electronics and various other industries.

          Why choose us
          We know how to design aspirational products from research to production. We offer a large variety of CMF design services, repositioning your brand and products back on trend. We help companies to be forerunners on a rapidly changing market. CMF is the core of our design. It unites consumer, material and technology trends with sensitivity to business, production, brand and marketability.
          Hensimlab provides proven Color, Material + Finish Design expertise for products across a range of industries and continents. We offer customized trend research and CMF design strategies to refine and elevate the aesthetics and performance of your product, creating a crucial and compelling emotional impact.
          Bringing your ideas from concept to life
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