Plastic Part Assemblies &
          We Are Much More Than a Component provider.
          Plastic Part Assemblies &
          We Are Much More Than a Component provider.
          Our company doesn’t just cover plastic injection molding and silicone rubbers. We’re fully capable of realizing your product from concept to completion at our facility. Our dedicated assembly department has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle a variety of finishing tasks. When you have to spend time hunting down resources for every component of your production cycle from part manufacture to assembly, you can end up setting back your timeline. Organizing all of those separate resources into a cohesive whole requires serious time and effort to pull together. Hensim is here to handle the challenges and headaches that go into assembly, packaging, and other secondary operations that may prevent your company from being able to give 100% to its core goals. We believe that by giving you back the time to focus on your core competencies, you have the opportunity to better develop your products.
          Post Molding And ASSEMBLY
          We are always happy to discuss a client’s individual requirements to create a custom assembly.
          We at Hensim consider it our job to eliminate those distractions and weak links so you can focus purely on running your business. By allowing us to take your product from concept to reality, you save time and money by consolidating your production cycle. Hensim has over 10 years of experience helping our customers with the assembly services that come with plastic injection molding, so you can trust that your project will be handled with care.
          Hensim strives to ensure that your business needs can be met in-house, carried out by experienced manufacturing professionals. We value what you value: common-sense, cost-effective solutions that improve efficiency and speed that leads to smooth operations.
          One stop shop for our client's manufacturing needs
            If you don’t have a large volume or product or need a minimum amount of human work completed, a semi-automated assembly process may be the right choice.
            This method offers low-cost investment with high-quality results.
          • KITTING
            We offer kitting manufacturing solutions where we put together a range of plastic products and other in a kit for our customers in pre-built batches. Our services eliminate the need for additional vendors in your supply chain by providing single source & cost-effective solutions.
          • Injection molding with integrated down-stream assembly
          • PACKAGING
            Our experienced staff will professionally pack your product according to your specifications. We offer the standard packaging you expect, and some you may not. We can do it all.
          Bringing your ideas from concept to life
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