Soft Goods
          Functional combination of materials and processes
          Soft Goods
          Functional combination of materials and processes

          "Soft goods" is an industry term we use to refer to the parts of a product that are constructed from conformable materials such as textiles, foams, and rubbers.

          Soft goods make excellent design materials because they are versatile, functional, comfortable, visually appealing, and sometimes more sustainable than other types of materials. New fiber qualities, coatings, and construction processes provide soft products with an extensive range of properties and abilities?that designers could apply to increase performance and comfort.

          Thanks to advances in materials science and manufacturing techniques, soft goods can also be some of the toughest and most resilient products around. For example, modern performance fabrics are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy wear and tear, while leather goods are known for their toughness and resilience.
          You can find soft goods in products you see and use every day:
          Our Soft goods abilities
          • Development of new materials and processes.
          • Soft material application, injection molding, silica gel, EVA molding, and assembly
          • Cut and sew / stitch
          • New product design and development to mass production plan.
          • Self-and semi-automatic program development.
          • Hot pressing
          • Intelligent product and light luxury product development.
          • In-depth knowledge of leather and flexible materials
          • Material solution
          Why choose HSL
          We believe that innovation and design can make a significant difference in people's lives.
          Hensim Lab is one of the most passionate platforms dedicated to the development of integrated design, advanced engineering, cutting-edge materials, manufacturing, and commercialization.
          We collaborate with renowned start-ups, global OEMs, luxurious brands, and industry pioneers. Our priorities are delivering "point to point" service and product solution. We pay attention to your particular needs and draw on three decades of combined experience in the development and production of soft products to create a robust, high-quality product that meets your expectations.
          From concept through product design, manufacturing to fulfillment, we provide a one-stop shop.Hensim Lab quickly creates impeccable soft goods with a speed-to-market and creativity that our competitors struggle to match.
          Is Your Product a Good Fit for Soft Goods?

          Ask the following questions first.

          Considerations regarding Early Design
          • What qualities is the product required to have?
          • What requirements might the product's soft goods directly impact or influence?
          • How do competitors and relevant professionals approach sizing for customers in this market?
          Anatomy Considerations
          • Who are the intended users, and how much variance is there across them?
          • Does the product need to conform to the movements of the users? Are you supporting the correct ergonomics and muscle movements?
          • Is the product comfortable? How have you defined comfort so that you can achieve it?
          • With the answers to these questions in hand, read on for scenarios in which incorporating soft goods would improve the design of your product.
          When to Use Soft Goods in Product Design
          Bringing your ideas from concept to life
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