Tool Building
          Speed to market and cost are our top priorities.
          Tool Building
          Speed to market and cost are our top priorities.
          At Hensim, we understand that precise plastic injection molded components and assemblies start with superior mold-making?and tooling design. Our seasoned?tooling?engineers and technicians have over 100+?years of combined custom mold design experience, ensuring the most precise tooling results available. Our designers and toolmakers work together to create molds that ensure quality, precision tolerances, and optimized cycle times. We can mold parts with complex geometries and varying wall thicknesses. With in-house mold design and tooling expertise, deep knowledge in a range of materials, application knowledge, and capabilities, we build custom injection molds and guide your products from design through mass production. We make tooling adjustments in-house and “fine tune” tools after initial sampling to improve the tool core/cavity geometry and achieve the desired dimensions.
          The mold is the key to producing flawless, precise parts.
          In-house expertise ensures quality right from the start
          Our fully equipped tool room features CNC machines, EDM, etc.,?and CAD/CAM software, enabling us to create complex molds with efficiency and speed. We minimize lead time, reduce?costs, and improve design for manufacturability by utilizing modern software simulations, optimization tools, and outside partners. Constant and ongoing equipment investment allow us to take advantage of the latest technologies.
          In addition to mold making, we also provide innovative fixturing solutions that help streamline production, maintain and improve part quality, and minimize downtime. Our team designs our fixtures to meet the unique requirements of your application since we understand its importance of precision and repeatability. Capabilities include fixture design and manufacturing, including quick-change fixtures for increased efficiency. We also specialize in automated and robotic fixture solutions to supplement our automated injection molded assembly manufacturing services.
          Cost savings and improved parts by design

          Proper mold design and mold building will help reduce cost, increase quality,

          and optimize performance. Our focus on design for manufacturability introduces a series of benefits for our customers.

          • Reduce time to market
          • Reduce rework
          • Improve design efficiency
          • Reduce number of parts
          • Enforce better cost control
          • Improve chance to automate the process
          • Streamline accurate assembly
          Bringing your ideas from concept to life
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