Sourcing & Procurement
          Single source responsibility
          Sourcing & Procurement
          Single source responsibility
          At Hensim, we specialize in sourcing precision engineered components across a range of different manufacturing processes. Our company has 10 years of experience selecting vendors and suppliers for our customers that help them control costs and maintain quality. Our Asian based team have the expertise needed to provide our clients with an upstream technical capability that delivers lower costs. We utilize our vast network of Asian manufacturers leveraging our relationships to provide our customers with the optimum solutions. We are able to offer our clients an unparalleled level of service thanks to our long-term?partnerships with trusted partners.
          Our criteria for suppliers include ISO certification, advanced manufacturing facilities, proven ability for the capability promised, engineering resources, QA, and on-time production. All Hensim suppliers are subject to our own manufacturing capabilities?and quality assurance audits. They are also required to demonstrate quality and delivery capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of international customers.
          What differentiates us from other procurement companies is that we handle everything from RFQ to delivery. We take pride in our quality control standards, with product testing taking place in our partners' factories as well as here locally at Hensim's in-house test lab. Above all, we believe that a dedication to detail is the difference between mediocrity and excellence, and excellence is what we strive for in our services.
          Our comprehensive network of suppliers ensures we can find components or sub-assembly solutions for nearly any manufacturing processes. Our broad range of services includes but is not limited to:
          Hensim will match your required volume with the best price and quality available and deliver it to you in as little time as possible.
          With more than 100+ suppliers

          Across China and Vietnam, we are always looking to identify the best partner for your sourcing needs, and ‘hand hold’ you through the entire procurement process.We also have a shipping and logistics team who are able to assist with shipping, custom declaration.

          Proven Methodology

          Our local teams evaluate the requirements and assess the opportunities from across our supplier base upon?receipt?of?our customer's drawing or specification, taking into account specific sourcing market opportunities and advantages.

          OUR MISSION

          We work with our vetted supplier network to find the best manufacturing partner for your product in terms of price, quality, and lead time.We take on project responsibility by handling every step of the process, from pre-production to shipping, allowing us to deliver your parts on time and with minimal defects.

          Hensim acts as a one-stop-shop for the supply chain needs of our clients. The benefits of working with us to outsource some of your functions include:
          Streamlining internal procedures
          Using fewer suppliers to reduce the complexity of the supply chain
          A wider selection of manufacturing solution options
          Working with Hensim allows our customers to reduce the size of their supplier base and minimize the resources needed and reduce risk for vendor management.
          Bringing your ideas from concept to life
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